Compare Ford Transit to Ram ProMaster

Compare the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster in Manassas, VA

For those of you who are in need of commercial vans for your business, we can assist you here at Ourisman Ford of Manassas. The Ford Transit is a standout work van that comes with many options. It has the ability to carry lots of cargo, and meet the needs of all types of trades, with customization components to support you.

It's a standout vehicle and when you compare it to the Ram ProMaster, you will find the Ford Transit offers plenty of advantages over the vehicle and allows you to keep your business on the go and thriving. We want to show you these competitive advantages and give you the chance to take a look at new Ford Transit vehicles for your business needs in areas like Gainesville, Woodbridge and Fairfax.

Features, Performance, Versatility and Capacity Showcase Ford Transit Advantages

When you evaluate the performance and versatility of these two work vans side by side, you'll see that there are similarities, but also many advantages in favor of the Ford Transit. Some of those include:

  • The Ford Transit having more towing capacity than the Ram ProMaster in case you need to trailer a load to the back of the work van, giving you added versatility for more space and carrying cargo from one job site to another
  • The Ford Transit also offers more torque and wheel power for you over the ProMaster
  • One advantage that the new Ford Transit van has across its lineup is that there are options for a crew cab van. This means you have more than just the driver and passenger seats and can fit in multiple people into the cab, depending on the size, which is unavailable on the ProMaster. This doesn't pertain to the Transit Passenger Vans, which have multiple rows of seating, and are bought especially by those who need to utilize a van for shuttle services
  • There are also features like blind spot monitoring available on Ford Transit vehicles across a larger set of the lineup than is available on Ram ProMaster trucks, meaning you have more safety, and at less cost too

Other Features and Reasons to Consider the Ford Transit Van Lineup

Many people gravitate toward our Ford work vans because they offer plenty of versatility. That includes different sized vans, different sized roofs, doors that swing open wide and around the side of the van so you can get cargo in easier. There are also plenty of customization options such as different engine choices, but also how you want to configure your cargo area with the ability to add racks and hooks to sort and organize your supplies. Additionally, there are passenger van options which has seating for up to 15 and a configuration so you can maximize leg and headroom onboard.

Learn More About the Ford Transit Vans at Our Dealership

For those who want to learn more about your options, get in touch with us and we'd be able to begin. We can discuss custom orders for Ford work vans, and help you with the financing of these for your business. To get started, get in touch with us today and we can begin.